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Replacing a Tune-o-Matic saddle

Q: I have GraphTech string savers waiting to be installed on a TonePros T3BT bridge, however I can't seem to get the old saddles off! It is one of those with a hex nut securing the saddle screw. When I attempt to remove it, it gets stuck and it seems like there is something preventing me from removing the screw from the bridge to replace the saddle. Is there some kind of epoxy holding the nut or the screw to the bridge? What is the proper way to remove an old saddle?
Thank you Steve Mason Luthiers,
I appreciate all your help. - Chris, NJ

A: am not familiar with that particular bridge, but let me share a trick that works for me. Stare at it for a few minutes. There is a way to get it apart gracefully. It had to be put together, quickly, by a sub-genius factory worker. There can be no magic involved. I try to spend some stare time with every job I do. It allows me to plan my attack, and foresee lurking booby traps. Don't rush it, await enlightenment. It is time well spent.

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